Iris Adä: one of the last to join the team (again). She quickly changed her name to be first on this list. She is responsible for the data generation and many of the time series nodes in KNIME and the only one with taste in the team.

Christian Albrecht: quickly changed his name from "Aalbrecht" to avoid getting in trouble with Iris. He is the one who plays with all browsers on all operating system 1982 and newer to make sure our WebPortal also works in the future.

Michael Berthold: arguably the author of the first line of KNIME code and the fearless scientific leader. He is also the one who keeps adding features to already closed release lists (which others then have to implement).

Roland Burger: we had to teach those Berlin guys a bit of real German - so we snuck a Swabian accent into the office. Roland is helping us bring KNIME to a screen near you.

Christian Dietz: the man behind the Image Processing Extensions (together with Martin) and one of the prime reasons why the community is so strong in this area. Unfortunately, his faible for terrible german soccer teams makes him the victim of many obvious jokes, too.

Emil: our tireless, 24/7 email coach. Christian wishes the VfB had such professional coaching.

Arthur Von Eschen: our man in the US with lots and lots of experience in analytics data science. He also knows how to make his own swords, which we hope will remain to be an innocent hobby. And who wouldn't want to have someone on the team who has an entire village named after himself?

Jon Fuller: the only one who knows how this chemistry stuff works! And it turns out he enjoys struggling with cloud deployments while exploring the Basel IPA scene.

Heather Fyson: she makes us a truly international, multi-continental team, is the heart&soul behind our events and makes sure we use the real English!

Thomas Gabriel: arguably the author of the other first line of KNIME code and responsible for everything. He is not writing code anymore because he has to make sure that der Laden läuft. And he does!

Katharina Koch: originally brought on board to keep the bigger kids happy by making sure that our developers have time to develop again - but then she decided to contribute to the growth of the KNIME Kindergarden as well. She is one of the two good souls behind the Konstanz office.

Tobias Kötter: ponders bisociative creativity support and is heading our big data development. And yes: er ist ein Berliner!

Greg Landrum: the second one who knows something about chemistry. He worries about open source cheminformatics in his other life and about Life Science, Guided Analytics and KNIME in this one.

Björn Lohrmann: our first real Berliner, born, bred, raised, and brought on board here! But he is also part of the other B-team, working on Big Data, Big Clusters, and Big Clouds.

Mihály Medzihradszky (call him Medzi): instead of opening an office in Budapest we brought the best of Budapest to Konstanz. Medzi does know how this "sales" thingie works but gets along with geeks, too. We just had to bring him on board.

Thorsten Meinl: the man behind the KNIME build machine. He is also responsible for the chemistry extensions and is the only one on the team who believes Genetic Algorithms work.

Peter Ohl: arguably the one who wrote yet another first line of KNIME code. The man behind the increasingly magical File Reader node and the only one who has a hunch about book keeping.

Sabrina Reiner: the other good soul in Konstanz and the one who does not only enjoy finance but is also good at it. Oddly enough, besides that passion and skill she laughs a lot...

Rosaria Silipo: has been mining data all her (professional) life (since 2006 using KNIME, of course) and is now mining for KNIME, too. If you ever wondered who that voice on the 1000+ KNIME videos belongs to...

Kilian Thiel: the other bisociative thinker and responsible for our partner program. Plays ping pong with Tobias (which makes him a Berliner, too) and is responsible for the Text Mining extensions.

Vincenzo Tursi: the newest and youngest KNIMEr. Enthusiasm coupled with Italian humor, we just couldn't resist. Watch out for a different type of Italian accent in our videos soon...

Phil Winters: the oldest (by far) on the team. But also the one who actually knows how to really mine data. 'Cuz he's been doing it for ages!

Bernd Wiswedel: the one who likely did write the first line of code and still understands it. Bernd claims he does not kill ducks with his bare hands and is the man behind all of the data handling in KNIME.

Oleg Yasnev: from Russia with Javascript experience, Oleg is helping us make everything web based work (faster) and look better.

The KNIME Team at Konstanz University:

Alexander Fillbrunn: he has taken over the PMML integration but if we don't watch him closely, he will turn into a bioinformatician quickly. He wants to be a Berliner but is stuck in Konstanz for now.

Martin Horn: used to bike around the world. Then he got bored and is now back, taking care - together with Christian - of the Image Processing extensions.

Patrick Winter: the youngest (by not so far) on the team. He is working hard on bringing KNIME node and workflow searching to a desktop near you soon.