KNIME Training Information offers regular training for both users and developers. KNIME User Training provides an opportunity to learn how to develop workflows right from the source: from importing data to building reports and the many tasks in between. KNIME Developer Training covers everything you need to know to start writing your own nodes using the KNIME SDK version.

If you are looking for something more specific, we also offer customized on-site training.

KNIME User Training

This course is an intensive 2-day program designed to provide supervised experience tackling the common tasks you will face in your future analytics work. Learn how to import data from a variety of sources, build, evaluate and select models, visualize results and generate reports. 

  KNIME User Training
Duration 2 days
Costs € 1,250 per user
  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Importing Data
  3. Data Manipulation
  4. Workflow Control
  5. Data Mining
  6. Visualization
  7. Reporting

PDF files for KNIME User Training material can be downloaded here.


KNIME Developer Training

KNIME Developer training is for Java developers who want to extend KNIME to include custom functionality. The course explains the KNIME architecture, describes the node extension wizard and gives you details on each of the different components that make up a custom node. Participants should have basic experience in Java programming.

  KNIME Developer Training
Duration 2 days
Costs € 1,500 per user
  1. Architecture Overview
  2. Node Extension Wizard
  3. Data Handling & Data Types
  4. Dialog and Settings
  5. Loop Support
  6. External Tool API and SOAP Web-Services
  7. Node View
  8. Best Practice & Noding Guidelines
  9. Plug-in Deployment & Testing


KNIME Product & Server Training

This half day course dives into the details of the KNIME Server and KNIME WebPortal and discusses them from different points of view: the power user, the administrator, and the end user.
All tools and features designed for each one of these three persona are shown in detail and illustrated by means of interactive sessions. Attendees learn how to exchange workflows and data between the server and the client, how to take advantage of the many server dedicated nodes and features when implementing a workflow, how to set access rights on workflows, data, and meta-nodes, how to share meta-nodes, how to execute workflows remotely and from the KNIME WebPortal, how to schedule report and workflow executions, and more.
The course is designed not only for customers, partners and the community, but also for anyone interested in finding out more about the KNIME commercial platform and its capabilities of interactively exchanging workflows, reports, data, and other resources.

  KNIME Product & Server Training
Duration 1/2 day
Costs € 250 per user
  1. KNIME as a Production Platform: The KNIME Server
  2. Power Users: Developing Workflows for the Server
  3. Administrators: Moving Workflows into Production
  4. Business and Management Users: the Web Portal


KNIME Chemistry Training

This two hour webinar is a focused introduction to cheminformatics in KNIME. Learn how to include chemical structures in your KNIME workflows. Generate, manipulate, and analyze structures using a mixture of native KNIME Chemistry tools, the Marvin sketcher (provided by Chemaxon/Infocom) and the open source RDKit extension for KNIME.

  KNIME Chemistry Training
Duration 2 hours
Costs free
  1. Overview of the KNIME Platform
  2. Sketching molecular structures
  3. Chemistry data types and IO
  4. Introduction to the RDKit extension
  5. Retrieving data from ChEMBL


KNIME Text Mining Training

This one day course is an intensive training focused on the processing and mining of textual data with KNIME using the Textprocessing extension. Learn how to read textual data in KNIME, enrich it semantically, preprocess, and transform it into numerical data, and finally cluster it, visualize it, or build predictive models. Text mining experience is not necessarily required for this training.

  KNIME Text Mining Training
Duration 1 day
Costs € 750 per user
  1. Introduction to KNIME
  2. Reading and Importing Textual Data
  3. Text Preprocessing, Semantic Enrichment, and Transformation
  4. Text Classification
  5. Visualization
  6. Text Clustering

PDF files for KNIME Text Mining Training material can be downloaded here.


KNIME Big Data Training

This one day course focuses on processing and mining databases with Hadoop and Spark through KNIME. Learn how to interact with these tools through hands-on examples during the course.

  KNIME Big Data Training
Duration 1 day
Costs € 750 per user
  1. In-database processing with the KNIME database extension
  2. Pre-processing on Hadoop with Hive
  3. Data processing and machine learning with Spark

PDF files for KNIME Big Data Training material can be downloaded here.


Customized and On-site Training


  • sufficiently large groups of attendees
  • training that focuses on specific topics
  • training that includes KNIME Partner software

We are happy to organize customized training sessions either at or on site at your company offices.

Please contact us with your specific training requirements and we will provide a solution that fits your needs.