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Download the latest KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME SDK for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

KNIME 3.1.1

KNIME Analytics Platform

The KNIME Analytics Platform version is intended for end users and provides everything needed to immediately begin using KNIME as well as extend KNIME with extension packages developed by others. The downloads also contain the KNIME quickstart guide.

  • KNIME Analytics Platform for Windows (installer)

  • KNIME Analytics Platform + all free extensions for Windows (installer)

  • KNIME Analytics Platform for Windows (self-extracting archive)

  • KNIME Analytics Platform for Windows (zip archive)

  • KNIME Analytics Platform for Linux

  • KNIME Analytics Platform + all free extensions for Linux

  • KNIME Analytics Platform for Mac OSX (10.7 and above)

  • KNIME Analytics Platform + all free extensions for Mac OSX (10.7 and above)

KNIME Software Development Kit

Full Eclipse Mars SDK (4.5.0) with Java Runtime Environment (Oracle Java 1.8.0_60), and KNIME. It contains the extension wizard to simplify own node development.

If you have problems to download the KNIME Analytics Platform or SDK because you may have switched off JavaScript, download KNIME here.


What to do next?

Install and launch KNIME Analytics Platform

After downloading the relevant version, execute the KNIME installer or unzip the zip archive to any directory. For Windows, click the knime.exe file and for Linux, click knime in order to start KNIME... Read More

Build a workflow

Walk step-by-step through the process of building a small, simple workflow: read in data from an ASCII file, assign color to it, cluster the data and display the data in a table and... Read More

Learn more about the usage of KNIME

If you would like to learn more about KNIME, please check out our learning materials. We have made a large range of materials available... Read More

Browse in application and use cases

KNIME is used in a wide variety of areas. We provide a number of templates (or blue prints) for example applications for some of these areas ... Read More


And if you have any questions you are welcome to consult theForum.