Available KNIME Extensions

KNIME extensions provide additional functionality for KNIME ranging from Excel support, R integration, JFreeChart for advanced visualisations, 100+ nodes wrapping machine learning algorithms from Weka, the Reporting extension, and much more. Below you can find a list of features. How they are installed is described on the update manager help page. In addition, we provide extensions from KNIME Labs and KNIME Community.

R Integration

With this feature that integrates the statistics project R into KNIME it is possible to run snippets of R code as one step of the workflow, open R views, or even learn models within R. You can either integrate your local R installation or connect to an R Server via Rserve. As with KNIME 2.7, The R local integration allows for the development of complex workflows of R dedicated nodes and step-by-step modular execution of R scripts to sequentially manipulate data objects. Merging of additional data branches provides the possible of adding new data objects to an existing R workspace.

R plug-in

contains all nodes but assumes either an existing local R installation or R server.

R binaries

if you do not have a local R installation you can download the binaries (for Windows only). I you are not sure if you have R installed or not it – download this feature, it will also ease configuration of this feature.

JFreeChart Integration

This plug-in contains a full set of visualisation nodes in addition to the ones in our base distribution. It is based on JFreeChart, an open source Java library for creating professional quality charts.  All of the nodes provide an outport containing the image(png or svg). Therefore they can be used in loops (generate one image in each iteration and collect them in a image column) and in the reporting. Using the view it is also possible to interactively explore the plot. However, based on the static end result of the node, they don't support hiliting. The basic nodes are  Bar Chart, Bubble Chart, GroupBy Bar Chart, Histogram Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart and Scatter Plot. There are also two views which are not availabe in our base visualisations, these are the HeatMap and the Interval Chart.


KNIME itself has only very limited “chemistry-aware” functionality, for full-featured functionality check out the community contributions and products of our partners. However, some cheminformatics is available in two plug-ins:

Base Chemistry Types & Nodes

basic chemistry related types and converters for standard chemistry types, such as  SDF, Smiles, Mol2, and others.

Chemistry Add-Ons

OpenBabel, MoSS (Molecular Substructure Search)

Weka Integration

A large part of the functionality of the machine learning library WEKA is available with this plug-in. It integrates around 100 algorithms for clustering, classification, regression, and association rule mining.

BIRT Reporting

This feature is based upon the Eclipse project BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) and provides two nodes to generate static tabular reports of your data:

  • HTML
  • PDF

Renders also image data or molecules.

Math Formula

This plug-in contains a single node called "Math Formula", which allows you to evaluate free-form mathematical expressions. The result is appended as a new column to the input table. The functionality is like the one of the Java-snippet node (which is part of the KNIME base package) but without the requirement of knowing the Java language.

This node uses code from JEP 2.4.1, a Java library for parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions, which is released under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL). The source code of the used library is available here for download.

XLS Reader and Writer

These nodes read XLS files from other applications like Microsoft Excel, for example, and write out the datatable into a spreadsheet. This plugin makes use of libraries from the Jakarta POI project which is part of and copyrighted by the Apache Software Foundation. The initial version of the XLS reader was kindly provided by Schrödinger.

External Tool

Allows running an external program on the data. NOTE: Running an external executable takes the control out of KNIME's hands. This node may crash or hang KNIME and you risk loosing any unsaved data. There will be no progress, no cancel option, in case of failure processes may be dangling in your system, etc. Highlighting will not work across this node. Colors are lost. Use this node at your own risk!

Distance Matrix

The KNIME's Distance Matrix feature enables the processing of distance and similarity values within KNIME. There are several nodes available that allow for reading, writing and calculation of distance matrices as well as nodes that operate on distance values. For more information see the detailed description.


An integration of the library for support vector machines (LIBSVM) by Chih-Chung Chang and Chih-Jen Lin.

Ensemble Learning

Ensemble Learning

With the KNIME Ensemble Learning Plugin we provide basic methodologies to perform ensemble learning in KNIME. However, some of the nodes are quite useful in other scenarios as well. Currently we support boosting, bagging and delegating.

OpenStreetMap (OSM) Integration


With KNIME 2.8, the OpenStreetMap (OSM) extension enables the user to render geographic points of interests (e.g. locations of IP addresses) onto a map (http://www.openstreetmap.org). The world map (including the points of interest) can either be interactively explored (OSM Map View-node) or directly rendered into an image (OSM to Image-node) which is mainly made possible thanks to the JOSM-library (http://josm.openstreetmap.de).

Data Generation

Data Generation

This feature contains multiple nodes for generating data. Even though each node provides very basic functionality, by combination one can create various kinds of complex, heterogeneous data. There is the possibility to create simple categorical and numerical values, combine tables randomly, enrich tables, insert rules and many more.